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We take a lot of field trips, so be sure to call, email or fill out our form so we don’t miss you! If you are coming to see us, it’s a good idea to check out the survival guide below!

Fusion Studios Inc.
Windfall Ecology Centre
93A Industrial Parkway South
Aurora, Ontario
L4G 3V5

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Coming To See Us: A Survival Guide

We take a lot of field trips, so be sure to call, email or fill out our form so we don’t miss you!

Just like in the fairy tale, we hang in the middle of a dark forest in a big old house that uses 12 bush cords of wood per winter in order to stay snug and warm. Much to to the relief of our more urbanite visitors, we’ve yet to see a Big Bad Wolf, but we have noticed a few saber-toothed squirrels and an ornery badger. The Fusion Studios Headquarters–within the Windfall Ecology Centre–occupies a Heritage estate built in 1920 in the heart of Aurora, luxuriously appointed with a boardroom, mezzanine, full kitchen and a ghost. You didn’t really expect something normal, did you?

The stately maple forest is dotted with sugar shacks, winding trials and even an occasional horse: it’s like Central Park, but in the middle of downtown Aurora. Although fully accessible by automobile (and religiously plowed during the winter-time) the Industrial Road entrance is difficult to see because it’s encased in forest. Be sure to have your navigator peruse the snap shots below to familiarize yourself with the surroundings and entrance. Before, after or during our meeting, feel free to jog, hike, bicycle, barbecue, tree climb, ski, snowshoe or otherwise commune with nature.

Within walking distance from anywhere…but an especially short-ish hike from the GO station.