Custom Web Applications

Need a mortgage calculator for your website? We do those in our sleep. Need to launch your space shuttle? We’d probably need to pretty wide awake for that. These days, it seems you can’t even wind your watch without some computer program being thrown into service. On the web, every single thing you interact with—from basic forms to revolving picture galleries and shopping cars– has to be programmed. That’s because computers are really pretty stupid, when you think about it. Even the grown up ones have to be told how to do something every step of the way. It’s a good thing we’ve got lots of code hanging around just waiting to be used, but we’re kind of hoping you’ll come up with something we haven’t thought of already so we can write some brand new stuff. Here’s a couple websites we programmed in our spare time, when we finished working with NASA:

The Cottage Life

The Cottage Life is a great site where cottage owners can offer their cottages for rent. Potential renters can browse the site according to region, look at pictures of the properties, view the amenities of the cottage and check rental availability. Renters can then contact owners by email to arrange rental. We built custom applications that allowed owners to create accounts and upload pictures of their cottage and have them automatically cropped to correct size. Information about the cottages is also uploaded automatically and inserted into its relevant section. The site owner is empowered to filter out any cottage that’s not ‘family-safe’ and on a waterfront. It was paramount that this site be simple and straightforward to use because, after all, choosing a summer-cottage should be fun. All of our custom applications work seamlessly behind the scenes to make this sucessful site look great and work like a charm.

This unique and very sucessful site has grown into one of the largest bagpipe sheetmusic and supplies stores in the world. We built special apps to enable people to search by composer, song or how many parts a piece has. We built his shopping cart so people can buy credits instead of purchasing each invidual composition separately. Since the price of credits goes down with volume, it’s a great way to reward customer loyalty and keep the administration of thousands of customers simple and easy. Once purchased, the songs can be downloaded and there’s even free video demonstrations of many of the tunes. Pipetune’s back-end adminstration gives them lots of control over the thousands of sheet music pieces, and even keeps track of the royalites owed to contemporary composers.